The Consortium.

Creating unforgettable experiences through a theatrical scenery of food & wine pairing, Amuse Bouche’s Epitome series, art, and human connections.

Healthy ready meals curated by chefs and nutritionists. 

Peer-to-peer marketplace, a gateway for all untapped locations, simplified apartment and home rental processes, and secured restaurant reservations. 

Reversed food engineering, inspired by our upbringing.  A place food is prepared & presented to entice and take you on a journey. 

Home of loved vehicles, technology and car care.  We’ve partnered with international OE manufacturers to provide authentic auto parts and services. 

Our Q Factor

The Q-Factor (Mission statement, Our Values, and Vision)

” The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers.  But above all, the world needs dreamers who do”

Forward Thinking in Higher Education • IEHEFORWARD THINKING; We consistently innovate to create value.  Find opportunities where other people see none, strive in turning ideas into projects, and projects into serial success.

“Our vision is driven by the constant change & challenges in today’s life, technological & science development, clients’ demands and conserving our environment. To create landmark opportunities within the global market and be part of the bigger role players”.

Andrew Mkhombo Co-founder & CEO Tweet