What is Chapters?

Chapters is a high-end concept restaurant offering intrinsic Amuse Bouche’ experience, and enticing palate  courses.


Cooking is love, passion a flavour. Humble cook, cooks with the soul.

The love & passion for cooking cannot only be taught! It's developed with every stage of trials, researching, cooking & respecting the ingredients. Following due diligence, exploring new cooking techniques and learning from the best in business

Chef Andrew

What We Do? How? Where? When?

We’re a concept Restaurant collaborating a contemporary traditional classic cooking methods & food presentation with a touch of a modern cooking techniques >Fluid Gels, Spherification, Sous Vide Cooking, Gels and Gelling to foster a fine dining experience. 

“Local is lekker” is the South African way of saying ‘things from home are usually the best.
Simply put, we source locally and apply our intensive knowledge & experience to turn local’s favorites meals into a fine dining experience. 
We follow due diligence in our research and planning, to ensure the traditional way of cooking is preserved and respected.

We’re growing globally, currently in two countries: South Africa and North America.  In South Africa we’re located in the heart of Johannesburg.   In North America, we’re currently in three states: Florida, North Carolina and Louisiana.

Please visit our booking page or check our calendar for dates near you.  We also can wait to serve you!


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