Full Course Experience is a Thrive flagship of The Journey Consortium with a core focus on building human connection through a theatrical scenery of food, music, art, and wine events. 

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About Full Course Experience

What we.. Do? How?  Where?

We are passionate about lot of things, 1st human connection, 2nd Cooking ,and 3rd Serving.  We develop and design events that are impactive, responsive and foster an incubative enviroment.   

Have an event coming? Sure, Don’t be shy to ask! We’ll never say no.  Enjoy the benefits of our Full Course Experience events planning, setting up, cooking and serving. And of course cleaning up!

We’ve discovered that nothing brings people together than Food & Beverages, thus propelling us to create a unique full course experience. ‘Course & Conversations’

Have some grocesaries that needs to be turned into breakfast, lunch or dinner?  Get a break and allow us to do the cooking for you in the comfort of your home. 

Please visit our calendar to view & book events near you, in North America we can be found in Louisiana, Florida and North Carolina.  In South Africa, we are in Gauteng, Limpopo and Mpumalanga.


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