The unique keys of The Journey Consortium are 1st the team, diverse, driven, and knowledgeable. 2nd is the quality of work, the research done behind and the delivery. 3rd the family (clients) at The Journey Consortium, we’re a family orientated business and treat each client as a member of our family. Our business principles have been developed by the people for the people. We’re aspired to serve!
Get to know us better and the principles our business is abided by merits, mission statement, Core Values, and vision.
Our Merits

  • Unique and creative solutions that meet the client’s expectations not only by realizing the client’s business objectives but particularly by our strict adherence to the ethical principles of quality and service delivery.
  • Creative approaches to the client’s special needs to find unique and tailored brand development and service strategic solutions.

Our Mission

  • The calling into this business model was aspired by our passion to develop & empower street vendors, develop business brands from the ground up and develop an economic vitality.
  • We set an obligation to nurture & develop young talent from the street into excelling professionals of their own.
  •  To reinvent how people, share knowledge, tell stories, and inspire their audiences to act.

Our Visions

  • We are simply about designing a lucrative pond where driven individuals and business brands can share and make a significant change in the lives of the communities and individuals around the globe.
Imitator Entrepreneur | Executive Chef at Chapters | Innovation & Creative Concept at UniQue & The Essence.
Co-Founder and CEO

Ngako Andrew Mkhombo

Imitator Entrepreneur | MD Full Course Experience & The Journey Auto Care. Chief Customer Satisfaction.
Big Mo
Co-Founder and COO

Mologadi Edwin Serumula

“Our vision is driven by the constant change & challenges in today’s life, technological & science development, clients’ demands and conserving our environment. To create landmark opportunities within the global market and be part of bigger role players”.